Friday, December 2, 2016

Why Advanced Nutrients is the #1 Cannabis Fertilizer Company in the World

Advanced Nutrients is the #1 cannabis fertilizer and supplement company in the world—operating in 92 countries. Since its inception, Advanced Nutrients has brought over 50 firsts to the world of cannabis growing, including ...

•Invented first clean Organic Base Nutrient that can be used with drip emitters.
• First and still the only hydroponics nutrient company to use 100% chelated micro nutrients in Organic Base Nutrients certified by CDFA, California Department of Food and Agriculture, the most stringent organic certification in the world.
• First to bring Square Wave Technology used in digital ballasts to hydroponics.
• Invented only Organic Enzyme product for hydroponics.
• First to find, identify, and use a Non-Ionic Surfactant that stimulates the growth of Cannabis in Hydroponic Base Nutrients.
• First to identify and use a new class of pH buffering technologies.
And that's just scratching the surface. The bottom line is that if you've grown or consumed marijuana in the last 30 years you've benefited from something this company has done.

Big Mike Straumietis

Michael Straumietis (aka "Big Mike") has done many things in his life. He is most well known for being the founder and CEO of the #1 marijuana fertilizer company in the world, Advanced Nutrients. But there's more to the story than just a cannabis business. Mike has also started a Bulgarian charity and a Bulgarian political party if you can believe that. He did this after seeing the crushing poverty of the people of Bulgaria and also seeing how their corrupt government--basically a mafia still leftover from the many decades of communist rule--took advantage of the people there. Today, Mike splits his time between Bulgaria and the United States while running Advanced Nutrients and entertaining his hundreds of thousands of followers on Social Media where he is known as "The Marijuana Don".

Michael Straumietis Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients manufactures fertilizers and supplements for marijuana plants. We should never forget that cannabis is grown primarily to be consumed by humans. Whether ingested or inhaled, most all cannabis plants will find their way into the human body. What’s more: many of the people ingesting cannabis are using it as medicine because it’s an integral part of their treatment therapy. Many of these patients face life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Big Mike Advanced Nutrients

That’s why it is of vital importance that cannabis be grown as pure and toxic-free as scientifically possible. Advanced Nutrients is serious about testing their product’s purity. Scientific testing was performed on Advanced Nutrient's grown cannabis by the respected BC Research Inc lab in
Vancouver. BC Research Inc. protocols test for dozens of potentially toxic elements. Beryllium, arsenic, nickel, thallium, etc.— concentration levels in every specimen of dried plant material was below their lowest Detectable Limit (DL). In short, the lab found “...  Medical marijuana grown with Advanced Nutrients products is safer, in respect to heavy metals, as the water we drink ... Smoking 500 mg of this medical marijuana would be just as safe as ingesting 50 drops of extremely pure drinking water. ” The bottom line is that if you care about non-toxic fertilizers for cannabis growing, Advanced Nutrients is the proven winner.

Big Mike Straumietis