Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Advanced Nutrients - Michael Straumietis Info

Advanced Nutrients is the leading manufacturer and supplier of organic and hydroponic nutrients in over 80 countries across the globe. They nourish the world by designing nutrients that create the healthiest plants and vegetables possible. Everyone knows that what people put into their bodies is important. But what about what goes into what people put into their bodies--what is used to grow the food or medicine you ingest? That's just as important if not more important. And that's where Advanced Nutrients come in. They develop the products that are used around the globe to  nourish the food and medicine that nourishes you. They are extremely well known for being a cannabis-specific fertlizer and supplement company. They have also been around for over 30 years, which is much longer than most any other marijuana company. That’s why Advanced Nutrients has been used to repeatedly win every single major grow competition in the world and in all categories. Advanced Nutrients is dedicated to its retailers, to its customers, and to plants. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that they back all their products with because they believe in them so much.

Michael Straumietis is also known as "Big Mike" to many marijuana growers because of he not only has a larger than life personality, like a big teddy bear, but he is also nearly 7 feet tall! The truth is that for over three decades, Big Mike has been on a non-stop journey to help growers get the biggest harvests of the absolute best cannabis possible. That's why he founded the world-renowned company Advanced Nutrients which is now the leader in hydroponics fertlizers and supplements worldwide. People that know Michael know that he has a big heart also, that's why in the early 2000's when his heart was broken seeing the condition of the people of Bulgaria and their level of poverty, he started a non-profit charity there called "Holiday Heroes". To date, this charity has fed over 20,000 needy people and families every Christmas and Easter holiday. They give food and even small toys for the small children. What's more, because Big Mike was disgusted by the extreme corruption of the supposedly democratic government in Bulgaria (which was actually extremely corrupt and powerful due to decades of communist rule) he even organized a political party called Nova Bulgaria which is working to bring the hope of true choice, freedom and democracy to the people of Bulgaria that desperately need it.

Advanced Nutrients says this "our purpose at Advanced Nutrients is simple: to make the world passionate about growing plants hydroponically." And that looks like it's true. The challenges to growing hydroponically are legion, but this is just one of them. Unlike soil, hydroponic nutrient solutions do not have cation-exchange capacity (CEC) from clay particles or organic matter. The absence of CEC means the pH and nutrient concentrations can change much more rapidly in hydroponic setups than is possible in soil. And not keeping track of your pH can severely lock out and harm your plants growth and health. That's why Advanced Nutrients (also known as AN to many people in the industry) went through great efforts to produce their pH Perfect Technology®. Many growers find that manually checking and adjusting pH levels two times per day, to try to keep their plants growth stable and maximized is tiring, time consuming and one of the biggest hassles of growing. In short, as long as your water falls between 4.5 and 8.5 pH (which is pretty much everyone’s water) – this technology adjusts your pH for you and keeps it buffered there throughout your plants’ entire life cycle! Which means you’ll never have to manually adjust your pH… you’ll never have to worry that your plants aren’t in the premium growing environment. It's truly one of the biggest breakthroughs in hydroponics growing in over 30 years and it's all due to the plant pHD's that work at Advanced Nutrients and their tireless research and development to formulate the ultimate hydroponics fertilizers and supplements.